Saturday, March 13, 2010

True passion plus talent equal success

Yesterday, after a long back I met my best friend in Bangalore. It is really an unexpected meeting. But I’m so happy with that meeting. He is working as an electrical design engineer in Bangalore. He is passionate to photography and advertising.

We went for a tour to some famous temples in Bangalore. He took lots of photos and videos. We reach our flat at 5pm. After that he transfer all photos and videos to his laptop and clip some of the images (image clipping) for advertising. After that he edits the videos for one of his upcoming album (name of the album not mentioned).

After that he shows some of his advertising works for famous textiles, jewelleries, backers, shopping malls etc in Bangalore. In all images used in these advertisements he applied the photoshop services like clipping path, image masking, image coloring, photoshop restoration and retouching etc. Most of the advertising and album works are quality and eye-catching works. After seeing that, I recognized his talents and true passion to photography and advertising.

I would like to tell through this post is that the true passion and talents is the way to success.

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