Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Awesome Birthday Card plus Image Editing

Today is a beautiful day, my birthday (birth star). Me and my best friend went to some temples near to our flat. We took many beautiful shots in my friends mobile. After reaching there in our flat I transfer all those beautiful shots to my laptop.

First of all I adjust the color correction of photographs (image coloring), then adjust the brightness and remove the blemishes and noise. After that apply photoshop restoration and retouching to the images and completed the image editing.

I send those images to my friend’s mail. After that we went for my birthday party in “forum”, Bangalore at 8:45am. It was such a wonderful and happiest moments in my life. My best friend gave a birthday gift and birthday card. The birthday card made up of the photo which was sent by me to his mail. I was really surprised by seeing the card. After that I cut the birthday cake and after the delicious breakfast the party was over at 9:55am and we went to our office as usual.

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