Saturday, July 31, 2010

Image Masking Services Providers

SBL Graphics is one of the famous image masking service provider in India. Through this post I would like to share one masking work done by SBL Graphics.

Image Masking Sample:

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Image Masking

The image masking / photo masking process is time consuming, and depends a lot on the image and area to be masked. SBL is a primary image masking service provider / image masking experts who delivers superior quality image masking services. Photoshop masking work done by SBL Graphics.

Image masking / photo masking sample:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Different types of styles in pop art design

Pop art design / Pop art portraits are of different styles. They are given below:

Lichtenstein style pop art
Warhol style pop art
Retro style pop art

Famous style pop art
Colour style pop art
Passion style pop art
Glamour style pop art
Revolution style pop art
Comic style pop art

Monday, July 26, 2010

Image Clipping Path / Deep Etching / Silhouette Clip Art / Image Background Removal

Image Clipping Path / Deep Etching / Silhouette Clip Art / Image Background Removal means knock out the background of an image. I would like to share one sample of Clipping Path / Deep Etching / Silhouette Clip Art / Image Background Removal done by the famous image editing company in India the SBL Graphics.

View the Image Clipping Path / Deep Etching / Silhouette Clip Art / Image Background Removal sample:

Friday, July 23, 2010

Digital illustration

Digital illustrations are of many types. Through this post i would like to say about two among the digital illustration, the pop art design and the vector illustration.

Pop art design / photoshop pop art design means representing an image / photo to an art form, that is sketching and color filling. Pop art design are in various styles. Some of the styles are listed here:

> Revolution style pop art design
> Glamour style pop art design
> Colour style pop art design
> Warhol style pop art design
> Famous style pop art design
> Comic style pop art design
> Passion style pop art design
> Neo style pop art design
> Illustration style pop art design
> Retro style pop art design
> Vision style pop art design
> Lichtenstein style pop art design

Pop art design are mainly used in portrait paintings and drawings.

Then finally about the vector illustration / vector graphics. Convert any photographs, logos, maps, artworks, paintings, illustrations, cartoons etc to vector clip art. The different vector illustration styles are:

> Fashion Illustration
> Textile Illustration
> Emblem and Mascot Illustration
> Medical Illustration
> Product Illustration
> Cartoon Illustration

> Book Illustration

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Photography and Post production services

Post production is the another name for image editing / photo editing. Photography post production services include image masking, image clipping / image background removal / Silhouette Images, image touch up services, image coloring, image manipulation and enhancement, wedding album designing etc.

Using the post production services we can give a new life to all old photographs. Thus your old picture is worth a thousand words.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Services Offered By SBL Graphics

SBL Graphics is one of the fastest growing Graphics and Image editing company headquartered in Cochin, India. SBL's Graphics services include:

>>> Image Editing Services
* Image background removal / photography and post production services / image clipping path
* Photo / Image masking
* Image coloring
* Image retouching / restoration services / image touch up services
* Digital photo album designing
* Digital image / photo manipulation
>>> Graphics services
* Tri-fold brochure design service
* Flyer designing
* Logo designing
* Package design services
* photo pop art services
* Brand Identity
* Digital Illustration
* Editorial design
* Advertisements and promotional material design
>>> Panorama Creation
* 360 Degree & 180 Degree Panorama Creation
* Virtual Tour Creation
* Panoramic E-brochure Creation
>>> Animation
* 2D and 3D animation
* 3D Modelling
* Flash Animation & Scripting
* 3D Walkthroughs
>>> Video production and manipulation
* Rotoscoping and chroma keying services
* Short Movies Production and Editing
* Video Intro Creation and Editing

3D Lighting Effect

I would like to share some samples of 3d lighting effect through this post. These eye catching and realistic 3D lighting effect done by the famous Graphics designing company in India named SBL Graphics.

3D Lighting Effect Samples:

Friday, July 16, 2010

Quality Brightens the Dream

Last Wednesday I got a mail from a client. He is working with a GIS Company in Australia. Their company needs some advertising and promotional material designs like flash banners, flyers, brochures for their upcoming seminar on the topic "IT and GIS Bonding like never before". He sent me the content and the images needed for those creative designs.

I handover this work to our graphics team and they have finished the whole creative work and sent the work to that client. After that the client gave me their feedback and he appreciates our quality, quick effort and creativity in that mail. They informed me that they will contact us for future design works.

I got another mail regarding an enquiry of GIS services from the same client now. I was surprised and they informed me that they have some upcoming projects in GIS application development and planning to outsource those projects to our GIS team. I am happy to read that message and forward the project to our GIS Team. Now our GIS team starts to process that enquiry.

Through this post, I am trying to familiarize all those wings of SBL. Our domain experts in Graphics, Software, and Geographical Information System(GIS) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) divisions provide a range of services to a variety of industry segments across five continents.

Today is the luckiest and happiest day for me. I am very proud being the part of SBL. I am thanking GOD for the opportunity to work with great SBL team.

Thanks and Regards,
Gayathri Babu.G

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Flash: A leading technology

Flash is a new technology that influences the entertainment as well as the multimedia world. Use of flash in graphics anonymously increased and it mainly appeared as flash banners, flash magazines, flash websites, flash games etc.

The quality of flash website design and development can evaluate through the loading time, creativity and the easy navigation of flash web pages. Mainly the choice of flash design / development company is very important since it will affect the quality and creativity of the work.

Mainly flash works used in advertisements, flash 3d / 2d animation, websites, 3d interior modelling (products, architectures, games etc) to boost the sales. The usage of flash influences better way on graphics and entertainment industry.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Eye catching and realistic 3D models done by SBL Graphics

Now a day's the usage of 3d modelling increases due to the large market for 3D models. There are lot of industries used 3d modelling services / 3D modeling services for presenting their products. Mainly the Health & Cosmetics industries, Toy & Games industries,Electronics & Technology industries, construction and architectural industries etc widely use the 3d modelling services for boosting their products.

Through this post I would like to share some 3d interior modelling and 3d modelling works done by a famous 3d modelling company in India named SBL Graphics. Please give a look to these eye catching and realistic 3D models done by SBL Graphics.

3D Modelling Samples (for products):

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Image Clipping Path Works By SBL Graphics

Image clipping / image background removal generally means knock out / clip out the background of an image. Just give a look to these clipping path work done by SBL Graphics.


Wednesday, July 07, 2010

3D Walkthroughs

3D Walkthroughs is really the most effective pre sales marketing tool. In 3D Walkthrough services every aspect of the building, site and landscaping portray accurately. 3D Walkthrough animation demonstrate to the viewer about the furnishing and decorating styles (exterior impact) of the building.

There are large number of 3d walkthrough animation providing companies around the world. All those companies provide quality 3d walkthroughs. Select the best 3d walkthroughs provider from them and letting them your walkthrough job. Outsourcing the 3d walkthroughs to India, will help you to decrease burden and can save money and man power.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Onam Greetings 2010 and Graphic Design Services

Onam is the most famous festival in Kerala that celebrates by all malayalees all over the world, on the remembrance of the homecoming of the legendary King "Mahabali".Onam falls during the first month of Malayalee calendar which is Chingam (August–September). Onam conveys the message of love, kindness,sacrifice, peace, truth and brotherhood and it is the celebration of humanity and also Onam is the festival of flowers. And also it is the time to celebrate a new beginning.

Modern customs of the Onam include making "Onapookkalam",exchanging "Onam greeting cards", a special vegetable meal called "Onasadya" etc. Now a day, an unavoidable believes that flashes through every mind are nothing but Greeting cards. The possibilities offered by those little cards to express their love and wishes to their beloved ones.

Variety of Onam greeting cards available in shopping malls and net. But new generation trend changes every day and most of the young minds prefer customized greeting card to their loved ones.

There are a large number of graphics designing companies, providing customized Onam greeting cards. Choosing the right one and by letting them to do the greeting cards according to your wish. Let this Onam day's brighten your life by mouthing your feelings through those dazzling greeting cards designed by the aesthetic strokes of graphics services.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Panoramic creation

360 degree photo stitching /panoramic photo stitching / panorama creation is the procedure of merging multiple photographic images with overlapping fields of outlook to make an integrated panorama or high-resolution image.

Panoramic virtual tour services
applications are a general reasonably priced way of producing panoramic images. There are various leading companies specialized in the panoramic photo stitching jobs in digital image editing. Those companies provide virtual tour services solutions to both professionals as well as ordinary photographers.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Digital Image Restoration / Retouching

During the use of modern digital image editing methods, it is now achievable to repair old photos / images without destroying the original. Digital photo restoration is an art that requires more than just a "Photoshop" type of program. Photoshop restoration and retouching gives new life to an old photograph.

Throughout a typical digital image restoration / retouching or photo enhancement, constantly adjust contrast, sharpness, and color levels, take away scratches and restore missing or scratched areas. Make a full set of cosmetic corrections to visually highlight your best features and mask imperfection.

Photo / Image restoration services
are passion and have never had a photograph that it couldn't improve. With digital photo restoration services the old memories remain. Utilizing some of the most excellent talents available can bring high quality portrait from photograph jobs.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Silhouette Services

Silhouette Graphics / Silhouette clip art is a main service in photo editing services. The importance of Silhouette Graphics / Silhouette images is infinite and diverse. What a silo / Silhouette Graphics mean? It generally means knock out / clip out the background of an image.

Pen Tool is mainly used for silhouette / silo. Silhouette Graphics are also well-known by different names such as clipping path, image clipping, silhouette images, silhouette clip art, image silo services, image background removal, deep etching services, image etching services, photography and post production services,image touch up services etc according to varying the areas / countries.

Silhouette images have infinite possibilities. Silhouette images are widely used in many businesses like making product catalogs, flyers, packages, movie posters etc.

Different Deep etching providers / image clipping companies / clipping path service providers offer volume image silo services to the customers at cost effective rates. This helps the designing and promotion firms focus more on their artistic tasks rather than working on complex silhouette graphics / silhouette clip art.