Saturday, January 30, 2010

Flyers: Express more with your service / product

Flyer designing is one of the most important tools in marketing tools available to businesses and organizations. Flyer designs are amazingly useful. Flyers will always catch the attention of potential customers.

An elegant business flyer design is equal to your target market perusing a full-page advertisement. Flyers can be easily introduced at any area whether it is a restaurant or bookshop etc.

With flyer design you will get an extra benefit and an extra freedom to express more with your service / product without spending more money.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Digital Art

Digital art is the commonly used term for computer art and multimedia art. Digital art are used widely in advertisements, special effects in films, graphics design services etc.

Computer arts are mainly computer generated or taken from other sources such as scanned images or vectorized images through vectorization service. Mainly computer generated digital arts are 2d and 3d graphics and 3d animation.

Multimedia art is an artwork consists multiple media . It is defined as the use of several different media to convey information like 2d and 3d animations, video, audio, text etc. The different medias in multimedia artwork are paintings, computer images, drawings etc.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Restoring the Life

On this fine morning, I went through my old photographs. While I watching the album, I recollect the blissful and funniest moments in my past life. That’s really a good experience.

While watching the album, I noticed that some of the photographs are damaged very badly. I remove those photographs from the album and scanned it and saved in the desktop. I opened each damaged photographs in photoshop and repair/ restore those photographs. This is known as image restoration services / photograph repair services.

After restoring the photographs(photo repair services), I saved those and take the hard copy of each and again stitch in the album. Those happy and amusing moments are again restored, means restoring the beautiful life.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coloring the Life

Yesterday, the republic day was a holiday for us. I decided to visit one of my colleagues, near to my hostel. She stayed with her family, which is 14 km away from my hostel.

Around 11 o’ clock I reach there. While I reach there, the little baby named “reya” welcome me with a cute smile. She wear a beautiful blue dress, she really looks like a little angel. I love the smile of the little baby. That is really a blissful moments in my life ever happened.

We had lunch at 1:30pm. There are variety of different color roses, jasmines, dalia, daffodils and an artificial pond that contain a variety of lotus and water lilies. We had a photo session in the beautiful garden.

I took a lot of photos of "reya", the little baby. She posed the photo section in many beautiful ways. After that, using data cable she transfer the entire photos into the computer and saved in the desktop. While looking the photo of cute little one, I like one photo, she posed behind the rose flowers, where butterflies flying around her. That photo I like so much. So I asked to give one copy of that. She agreed and opened that photo in photoshop and done color correction of photographs and gave a hard copy to me. I like the image coloring and perfection of photo. I never forget the experience with “reya”, the cute little baby with this republic day.

At 6pm I reach my hostel. I called my colleague to inform that I reach there in my hostel, while talking I can hear the sound of little “reya” on the background. That’s really a happy and memorable trip that never ever happened in my life.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Panorama Stitching: An exciting experience

The previous Saturday, me and my friends went to a tour to some of the famous temples in Bangalore. First of all we went to “Kemp fort Shiva temple”. There we saw gigantic Shiva and Ganesha statues and my friend took photos. Mantra chanting really rhythmic tone with ups and downs, they create a melodious effect in the atmosphere. After that we went to “Bull temple at Basavanagudi” and there we saw the gigantic bull statue and the nature is so beautiful there. We capture the natural beauty of the temple in our camera and after that we went back to our home. That’s really a blissful trip.

The next day we all got a call from one of our friend and told to come to her home. We all reach there, she told that a surprise for us. She opened the computer and told to watch the panoramic photo stitching. We all surprised while watching that panorama. We watch two 360 degree photo stitching. That’s really very beautiful work. We all appreciate her work in those photos.

We all know that she know the graphics designing but we never thought that she knew panoramic virtual tour services. And those 360 degree panorama stitching was really superb and that was really an exciting experience to us.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Photoshop Services: To make a beautiful Birthday Card

Yesterday evening I went through my email. While I checking the mail, I got an article about Photoshop services. In that article the author specify “What is image background removal”. Then he explained about the “Benefits of image clipping companies” or “clipping path service provider”. After that he explained “What is photoshop masking” and “The efforts used by image masking experts” and “the use of masking in photoshop”. Then he explained about “the image coloring and image restoration services”.

After reading the article, I inspired by the post and just want to do a birthday card for my little brother.

I just go and take our family album and took the family photo. First of all, I scanned the photo and saved in the desktop and opened it in Photoshop. After that I need to change the background. For that I cut the image and placed on another background. After that I mask the hair part and apply proper restoration and retouching. Finally apply color corrections, for beautifying the image.

After that I use a nice font and wrote “Happy Birthday” in the front part, just above and left to the image. After that some flowers and butterflies are place in the sides and made the card beautifully. After completing the work and I draft the birthday card in my mail for sending on 31st January 2010. I am eagerly waiting for the arrival of 31St January 2010 for the blissful birthday moments.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brochure designing – Remind the brand

Brochure is often considered as an important marketing tool, which can step up the growth of a business by extending the scope of growth as far as possible. Brochure designing services / professional brochure design service are considered as the most creative part in graphics designing.

Many graphics companies provide custom brochure designing services. Good brochure tells the story of the business. A quality custom brochure design services can connect the gap between sales approach of a company and its main use of advertising.

There are different brochure types. They are:
1) Tri-fold brochures
2) Z-fold brochures
3) Bi- fold brochures

Among these brochure types, most commonly used is tri-fold brochure design. They are very convenient to carry and its size is very thin. In tri-fold brochure designing, the most important things to remember are the purpose of the brochure, layout, orientation, versatility and color. An effective tri- fold brochure design service can remind the brand name.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Corporate identity: An effective way to attract more clients

Corporate identity strengthens brand identification among your targeted clients.
Corporate identity package design should be simple, eye-catching and clean. Mainly corporate identity package consists of logo, business card, letterhead, envelop.

Corporate identity design should be unique, looks professional and standard. Brand identity design attracts more clients to your company. It creates a friendly relationship with your clients. Corporate identity design is very good for every business.

Corporate identity will be an effective advertisement. It improves your company name in a branded level.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Poster designing: Highly creative artwork

On this fine morning, I went to my cousin’s home. She is a graphic designer working in a famous graphics company in Bangalore. When I reach there she is busy with her work, creating a movie poster. I heard about the poster design services, which needs high creativity.

I just go through the design; it is really very attractive and highly creative. According to the movie theme, she provided an apt background and placed the characters in that background and designed the poster in a beautiful and attractive manner.

After completing her work, she made me to analyze the quality of all posters designed by her. All are eye-catching and designed in different manner. I appreciate her creativity.

I am sure, every young mind as well as all types of peoples will attracted to those movies, while seeing the posters. A quality and attractive poster design can tell the actual quality of a film.

Monday, January 18, 2010

wedding album: Just like a dream

The previous day I went through my friends wedding album designed by a famous studio in Bangalore. It has lovely cover design and each shot remember me the beautiful moments of that marriage function. While watching that wedding album, I noticed the creativeness in each page and each image decorated and arranged in a beautiful manner. I totally attracted to that awesome album design. The digital wedding album designing service brings out the actual beauty of that marriage in that album.

Then I attracted to the wordings under each page, which show the affection of love with groom and bride. Each page in that album arranged in a unique manner, which gives more beauty to the wedding album.

Seeing this wedding album, I felt that I am watching the wedding ceremony in front of my eyes. Anyone who watches this album wishes to have the same cherishing feelings in their wedding.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Photo Manipulation- The realistic art work

Yesterday’s fine morning, me and my friends just went for a trip. We went to a park 18km away from our hostel. It’s just a pleasant journey.

We first went to butterfly garden. It’s just a beautiful moments for me. We took a lot of photographs of butterflies, beautiful sceneries etc. We come back to our hostel at 3pm.
All are happy, but so tired. At 4pm one of my friends named “Allen” got a call from her colleague, telling that bring one photograph of her. But she doesn’t have a passport size photo. So she asked me to give one of the photographs of her from the CD. We search for the single photography of her. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the single photography, but we get the group photo. I promised her to take a passport size photo of her from that.

I just call my friend named “John”, who is a graphics designer. I told the problem, she told me to come to her home with that photograph. He has a photo studio. We went there; it’s near to my hostel. On the way to his home, Allen told me that she needs to know how to create that single photo from the group photo.

I told her interest; John told that, he will explain what he is doing. John scanned that photo and saved in computer and then opened it in Photoshop. At that time Allen request John to do the single as well as group photo of our’s. First, John cut our photo from that and placed it in a new background.

Using some tools in Photoshop he removes patches, dots, pimples from the faces and told that this process is called photo retouching. This photo retouching services is used to repair a photo.

After that he selects, the each part in the photograph, and gave color to faces, then lips, eyes, eyebrows, and all parts. He explained the process named image coloring. He briefly explain that, color correction of photographs means recolor your photographs, give new shades and patterns, and set the right tinges at the right place in your photographs making them incomparable according to your needs.

After that John gave a print of our group photo. It looks very nice. He gave two copies.

After that he remove the image of me from that group photo, and told that this process is called image manipulation. Photo manipulation means a fancy way to describe retouching photographs and/or adding filters and special effects to photographs digitally.

Finally he gave the print of those single photographs also and gave to Allen. Allen is so happy while seeing that. Allen thank him and we leave from his home and come back to hostel.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Magical wings of Animation

Last week, I went to watch an English film named “Avatar”. I like the story and mostly attracted to the graphics part in that film. In that film 2d and 3d animations and stereoscopic 3d effect are used.

The influence of 2d and 3d animations in English films is utterly increased.
Now a day’s most of the cartoon channels as well as films are attracted by the young minds due to the highly influence of graphics.

Eye-catching character modelling is the main part of those films and 3d cartoons. Graphics industry is a wide area, which influence all types of minds with its magical wings. Character modelling services is really very creative part in graphics.

3d Architectural and Interior modelling

3d modelling services / 3D modeling services is the process of developing a three dimensional view of an object using specific software’s. The product obtained by the 3d modelling is called 3d models. 3d modelling services / 3D modeling services are widely used in many fields like Medical field, Science sector, Engineering field uses them to design new devices, vehicles etc.

3d interior modelling / 3d interior walkthrough for vehicles, buildings, aircraft's, plants etc can be easily made by the use of latest tools and technologies, to provide the best interior designs. There are many 3d architectural rendering services / 3d architectural visualization around the world, to provide stunning 3d interior modelling services.

Architectural 3d modeling services means digitize the architectural 3d concepts, ideas, drawings etc into quality designs.

Outsourcing the architectural 3d models and 3d interior models to India, will help you to reduce burden and can save money and man power.

Panorama Stitching- An awesome technique

Panorama stitching is a technique of combining multiple photographic images with overlapping fields of view to create an integrated panorama. Panoramic stitching tools are used to stitch a panoramic image.

Now a day’s Panorama blending is used to capture areas of conference halls, large hotels, houses (real estate) and which are represented through virtual tour services.

Panorama virtual tour is not as hard as it seems. Panoramic photo stitching is also useful for animators to render the real world with visual effects to produce a virtual reality space.

There are many leading companies specialized in the 360 degree
photo stitching services
jobs in image editing services.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Brochure design -- The unique representation of business

Graphics designing is the one of the major competitive industry in the world. Creativity is the major element in graphics designing. There are large number of graphics companies around the world, provides quality and creative graphics design services. One of the most populous graphic services is brochure design services.

Brochures can successfully advertise services, goods, restaurants, events, products, and many other things. The content and the eye-catching designs are the main part for having an effective brochure.

Custom brochure design can briefly tell more about your services / products / goods. It is considered as the unique representation of business. Designing a brochure is highly creative. Professional brochure design service providers can easily design an effective brochure.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Photo Masking and Clipping beautify your photographs

Photo masking / Photoshop masking and Image clipping / clipping path are the most popular terms used in graphics designing industry. Clipped and masked images are widely used in business.

Image masking / masking in photoshop and clipping give a magical touch to your photograph by removing unwanted backgrounds and by masking hair. Masking means isolating a part of a photograph from the rest of a photo when the edges are not well defined. Clipping means a vector line description embedded into your photograph file that tells software where to clip the photo.

The clipping path and image masking services providers are mainly concentrated for hiring employees and opening new branches in different countries and developing business.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vector conversion - The most demanding Graphics service

Now a day’s vectorization service becomes populous in graphics industry. Convert any photographs, logos, maps, artworks, paintings, illustrations, cartoons etc to vector images. Those who are experts in raster to vector conversion services can easily redraw the raster image to vector format.

High as well as low quality images can be converted to vector format at high quality. Vector images are mainly useful in many fields. Skillfully changes an image to the vector form which looks like a hand-made piece of art through vector conversion service

Monday, January 11, 2010

Logo design -- A creative art

Today while searching logo design, I went through a post “free logo design”. That post catches my attention and by detailed checking I went to know that, many peoples who are interested in logo design services.

Now a day’s most of the people know the importance of business logo design. Logo design is considered as the main tool, which gives the first impression of a business. Fresh and new ideas needed for improving every business. Before starting a business, give more consideration to company logo design and corporate logo designs. A quality and eye-catching logo can tell more about your services / products better than a few lines of writings.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

graphics work outsourcing

Now a day outsourcing become very popular.Outsourcing means a subcontracting a services or product to third part company.It helps to improve our marketing idea and business cost.Now a days many firms are doing outsource works.

Now a days many graphic design companies are doing the outsourcing works for image clipping services,image masking services, panorama and animation services.This types of firms are mainly concentrated for hiring employees and opening new branches in different countries and developing business.In this field competitors are increases day to day.Companies are watching their competitors works and create their own ideas for works and explore their business
Outsourcing services helps to save our time and works and also we can get skilled professionals.

we are also doing the outsourcing works for graphics related any services. We offer quality services for you

Friday, January 08, 2010

Package design – A true art

Package designing is a true art. Fresh designs have good market. Packaging has become an important sales tool. Quality and eye-catching package design can help sell a product.

A good product packaging design exactly conveys awareness about the product. With the use of typography, illustration, color and even various packaging materials, an awesome and eye-catching packaging can increase the promotion and stands out from the rack of competitors.

The creative side thinks the package design is clean, simple and evocative. New trends in product package design changes from time to time. More stylish packaging for day-to-day products. Color coded packaging for retail goods. Most of the package design companies introduce simple, clean front-of-package information.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Quality Logo design

Logos, a symbol or emblem that acts as a trademarks of a company ,Logo is a graphics representation.A well designed logo speaks all about our business.Logos is a main factor of companies or any entity that helps the growth of the business.

Some logos shows a feelings that it actually talk to public..
We are India based logo designing company offer you as a good and quality logos.Our experienced skills in image masking,image editing,panorama,2D 3D animations etc.

We offer cost effective outsourcing services like brochure design,flayer design,poster design etc.

Check out our Image gallery and get the idea about our Logo Design works.