Saturday, January 16, 2010

Photo Manipulation- The realistic art work

Yesterday’s fine morning, me and my friends just went for a trip. We went to a park 18km away from our hostel. It’s just a pleasant journey.

We first went to butterfly garden. It’s just a beautiful moments for me. We took a lot of photographs of butterflies, beautiful sceneries etc. We come back to our hostel at 3pm.
All are happy, but so tired. At 4pm one of my friends named “Allen” got a call from her colleague, telling that bring one photograph of her. But she doesn’t have a passport size photo. So she asked me to give one of the photographs of her from the CD. We search for the single photography of her. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the single photography, but we get the group photo. I promised her to take a passport size photo of her from that.

I just call my friend named “John”, who is a graphics designer. I told the problem, she told me to come to her home with that photograph. He has a photo studio. We went there; it’s near to my hostel. On the way to his home, Allen told me that she needs to know how to create that single photo from the group photo.

I told her interest; John told that, he will explain what he is doing. John scanned that photo and saved in computer and then opened it in Photoshop. At that time Allen request John to do the single as well as group photo of our’s. First, John cut our photo from that and placed it in a new background.

Using some tools in Photoshop he removes patches, dots, pimples from the faces and told that this process is called photo retouching. This photo retouching services is used to repair a photo.

After that he selects, the each part in the photograph, and gave color to faces, then lips, eyes, eyebrows, and all parts. He explained the process named image coloring. He briefly explain that, color correction of photographs means recolor your photographs, give new shades and patterns, and set the right tinges at the right place in your photographs making them incomparable according to your needs.

After that John gave a print of our group photo. It looks very nice. He gave two copies.

After that he remove the image of me from that group photo, and told that this process is called image manipulation. Photo manipulation means a fancy way to describe retouching photographs and/or adding filters and special effects to photographs digitally.

Finally he gave the print of those single photographs also and gave to Allen. Allen is so happy while seeing that. Allen thank him and we leave from his home and come back to hostel.

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