Monday, January 25, 2010

Panorama Stitching: An exciting experience

The previous Saturday, me and my friends went to a tour to some of the famous temples in Bangalore. First of all we went to “Kemp fort Shiva temple”. There we saw gigantic Shiva and Ganesha statues and my friend took photos. Mantra chanting really rhythmic tone with ups and downs, they create a melodious effect in the atmosphere. After that we went to “Bull temple at Basavanagudi” and there we saw the gigantic bull statue and the nature is so beautiful there. We capture the natural beauty of the temple in our camera and after that we went back to our home. That’s really a blissful trip.

The next day we all got a call from one of our friend and told to come to her home. We all reach there, she told that a surprise for us. She opened the computer and told to watch the panoramic photo stitching. We all surprised while watching that panorama. We watch two 360 degree photo stitching. That’s really very beautiful work. We all appreciate her work in those photos.

We all know that she know the graphics designing but we never thought that she knew panoramic virtual tour services. And those 360 degree panorama stitching was really superb and that was really an exciting experience to us.

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