Friday, January 22, 2010

Photoshop Services: To make a beautiful Birthday Card

Yesterday evening I went through my email. While I checking the mail, I got an article about Photoshop services. In that article the author specify “What is image background removal”. Then he explained about the “Benefits of image clipping companies” or “clipping path service provider”. After that he explained “What is photoshop masking” and “The efforts used by image masking experts” and “the use of masking in photoshop”. Then he explained about “the image coloring and image restoration services”.

After reading the article, I inspired by the post and just want to do a birthday card for my little brother.

I just go and take our family album and took the family photo. First of all, I scanned the photo and saved in the desktop and opened it in Photoshop. After that I need to change the background. For that I cut the image and placed on another background. After that I mask the hair part and apply proper restoration and retouching. Finally apply color corrections, for beautifying the image.

After that I use a nice font and wrote “Happy Birthday” in the front part, just above and left to the image. After that some flowers and butterflies are place in the sides and made the card beautifully. After completing the work and I draft the birthday card in my mail for sending on 31st January 2010. I am eagerly waiting for the arrival of 31St January 2010 for the blissful birthday moments.

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