Friday, December 31, 2010

image coloring, color correction services

Image colouring is a type of art work that can improve picture visibility and results in a beautiful and attractive image. There are different methods used for image colouring and a fabulous output can be obtained only when an expert works on it.. The master file for colouring may be poor quality and also black and white, and the companies with good expertise can do a magic on it to create professional soft output.
The companies final resultant will be acceptable by the user. Companies work with its maximum level
and some of the professional outputs can be view in the following links:
The creations are wonderful and the colour combinations are very attractive.Also the image colouring firms keep their own time to finish an assigned task, and the work is very fast

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Avatar pop art style

The pop art is a most funniest technique that is applied in many zones and actually it is a creation of an artificial style that taste in some peoples. There are many types of styles in pop art, some are, warhol pop art style, obama pop art style, wanted pop art style, avatar pop art style. The warhol style has often a eye-catching and single dark background color and many of the designing companies providing that type service. The obama style is a type of pop art and has some similarities with warhol style and the obama works can be seen in the link is as follows

The wanted pop art style is created for smuggler's poster design or poster design for missing persons with a particular high lighted eye-catching colour, and that has a particular layout can be sense by the above link. The avatar style is a famous style and all of the peoples suddenly get that style. It is same as the avathar movie model, and it's work model can also see in the above link

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Portrait enhancement services

The portrait enhancement service is actually a image manipulation service. Like the name implies, here the experts manipulate the original images and that the client cannot identify the manipulation, or the extra adding.

These editing services like manipulation work accuracy is based on the experts who do the manipulation works.The software for this purpose is the Adobe's Photoshop and its really a better technique to create an unimaginable creations.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

professional album design

The album is unforgettable if the design has a quality and perfection. The album design is depend on the designer.SBL has experts in wedding album designing,capable to produce such creativities.

The software used for these better designing are Adobe's Photoshop.The album creation must be nice and is often a remembering creation for ever. So the creation must be by a expert desingner.

Many of the companies provide album design service and the finishing is essential for the user.The digital album contains photos which are soft copies in nature.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Image stitching services

Image stitching is a technique that applied in many areas because of its advantages. Here the better output creation is carried out by merging several images or a collection of images. The resultant work of images should be in a stream or a sequential manner.

We can identify the basic structures of the sites that displayed by a stream of images. Actually this is a virtual tour creation by using related images. The user can immediately grasp the global structure by watching the virtual tour like watching a movie.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Graphics Designing Services and Christmas 2010 and New Year Greetings 2011

Christmas is the festival that celebrates by all people, on the remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas conveys the message of kindness, brotherhood, love and it is the festival of humanity. And New Year is the time to celebrate a fresh beginning.

There are a large number of graphic designing companies, providing customized Christmas/ New Year greeting cards. Choosing the right one and by letting them to do the greeting cards according to your wish. Let this Christmas/ New Year day cheer up your life by mouthing your feelings through those wonderful greeting cards designed by the aesthetic strokes of graphic designing services.

Photo Re-creation

The digital photo restoration is a best technique used for the conversion of a poor quality image into a more improved quality image. The software used for that are Adobe photoshop.

The recreation is optimum is when it handle by a photoshop expert, and by this software we can add attach some of the objects that are not presented in the master image
and also we can remove some of the objects in that image.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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Photoshop Masking

We use masking in many areas and it's best result cannot identify by any client or persons. That is the performance or resultant output with perfection. Masking in photoshop means real meaning of the word "Masking" that is applied here on images. We can apply the masking in any of the areas of the given picture or image, and its accuracy is according to the person who work on photoshop.

The software used for the working of masking is the "Adobe Photoshop", and by which we can mask any two or more images that rest in one file.Images shown in a file as layers so we can easily mask any layer by using a single right click on the corresponding layer.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Virtual Tour Service

Panoramic photo stitching is a fruitful method for showing images or photos in 360 degree rotation and 180 degree rotation. The creativity of these animation are done by either of the merging of two or more images, often create output like flash videos and interactive videos. That videos were giant understandable by object's keen viewing, and any of the person can simply see and identify their own characteristics(animated object's characteristics).

The view of any these objects provide a better global structure of the object and the identifier can grasp any of the disadvantages of the objects showing, and also advantages.

Image Restoration and Retouching Services

Mainly photographers and photo editing experts exploit these methods to fetch a fresh look to their snaps. No matter how terrible you are looking you will be looking fresh with image retouching through the application of Photoshop methods.

Magazine design is a stream of job where the designers use the majority of their time working on the photographs. An alluring magazine is the one having images that compete with the words. You may even become aware of big ad companies who focus on their brand advertising to work on portraits using digital photo restoration and photo retouching services.

Silhouette Clip Art Services

The new vogue of outsourcing has definitely smack the graphic design industry. Now this style is also touched the silhouette clip art services / graphics / images / image clipping path, which has become a cost saver for several businesses.

The potential of a silhouette image are endless! You can now directly put edited images on different backgrounds or use them for building product catalogs, editorial designs web sites etc.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

About a Famous Graphics Company

SBL Graphics is a famous graphics company in India.

SBL Graphics have four plus years experience in image editing services, graphics designing services, 2D 3D animations, panorama creation, image resizing zoom and thumbnail, video production and manipulation services.

For more details visit: SBL Graphics

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Image Stitching Services

Visit to an academy or real estate located far off the land mass, calls for time and money. When the entire space is recreated using a sequence of images of the location, public can view the area as if they are really touring the place. This is where the method of virtual tour creation or panoramic photo stitching comes into play.

Software like Panweaver Pro and Tourweaver Pro are arranged to generate virtual tours with flash and video features. Various image stitching components like video, flash, floorplans, hotspots, RADAR, popup windows, etc. are incorporated into the still images and panorama. These software’s can simply stitch several shots into horizontal, vertical, 180 degree, or 360 degree panorama.

The web-tour has made a reflective impact in varied markets like e-commerce, hospitality, travel & tourism, real estate, and sports. In the real estate industry, virtual tour services can range from a easy interactive floor plan to a highly developed full-service virtual tour. Online land search by consumers has altered the virtual tour creation / virtual tour service into a dominant advertising tool.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Image Editing and Designing Under a Roof

Starting your own business? Then you are in need of some effective promotional material for your business. Don't worry now you will get any type of image editing and graphics designing under a roof.

SBL Graphics offers graphics as well as web designing and image editing services at reasonable cost.

SBL Graphics offers graphics designing services like brand identity designing( logo designing, brochure designing services, flyer designing,business card designing,catalog designing etc, digital illustration(pop art designs, vector illustration services), package designing services, editorial designing, advertisements and promotional material designing etc.

SBL Graphics offers image editing services like image clipping path, background knockout services,image retouching / restoration services, color cast removal services,image manipulation,photo enhancement services etc.

SBL Graphics have four plus years experience in these fields and also they offer 2d 3d animation, panoramic photo stitching services and video production and manipulation. Please go through their website for more details: SBL Graphics

Monday, December 13, 2010

Outsource Your Design Works to India

Nowadays outsourcing the design works to India is increased due to the cheap labor, accurate time limit and quality. Designing is a kind of artistic work needs creativity.

Designing works like package design services, custom corporate tri fold brochure designing services, catalog designing, card designing,logo designing, Pop art designs, vector illustration services, 3d walkthroughs animation services, image stitching services, image blending services,color cast removal services,image clipping path etc are mainly offered by the image editing and graphics designing firms in India.

Outsource your designing work to SBL Graphics, which makes more profit to your business by quality designing works for your company according to your needs, reasonable cost etc.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Virtual Tour Services

There are number of companies who offers designing services around the world. Virtual tour creation is a new trend in designing world. Virtual tour service providers are capable of doing the following services:

* 360 Degree and 180 Degree Panoramic Photo Stitching
* Panoramic E-brochure Creation
* Virtual Tour Creation

Friday, December 10, 2010

Services Provided By Photo Editing Companies In India

There are large numbers of photo editing services providers in India. The services offered by them are:

* image clipping path
* background knockout services / photoshop masking
* photo retouching services
* photo restoration services
* color cast removal services / image coloring
* image manipulation / image blending services
* portrait enhancement services

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Animation Services

Animation is the replication of movement produced by the constant exhibit of a series of pictures / images, or frames to create a 2D or 3D artwork or model, thereby rendering an illusion of movement. Animation is attained through diligence of idea that produces an optical illusion of motionless and still objects.

There are a large number of companies offering 2d 3d animation services. Their main services include:
3D modelling services
•3D architectural rendering / visualization services
•3D interior modelling / walkthrough
3D walkthroughs animation services
*Character modelling services

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Vector plus Pop Art

The relationship between human and art started from the initial days of his life. Development of human drawing techniques demonstrates how he desired to share his ideas and opinions with his own sort through the medium of colors.

Photoshop pop art is a renewal of colors with definitive styles, pointing consumerism and similar to the accepted culture. Pop art designs is an art style that combines with all new-styles existing in the culture. Pop art pictures always speak the most trendy styles and concepts in a society. The trendy styles in pop art designing services are the following:

Warhol pop art style
Lichtenstein pop art style
•Retro pop art style
•Avatar pop art style
•Flame pop art style
Horror pop art style
•Line pop art style
•Obama pop art style
•Wanted pop art style

Vector clipart / illustration is a popular method of many digital illustrators worldwide. These programs are used to make the initial file, and then create a raster version for an optimized, Web-ready file.

Business organizations, portrait studios and public are now using the various rewards of vector images and vector clip art / graphics than other conventional formats. Scalability to any size without much loss of quality makes it ideal for portraits, logos or other images that require resizing.

Monday, December 06, 2010


Everybody feel affection for the new and modern design. A good-looking packaging / covering can help sell a product. Absolutely package designing services plays a very important role in sales.

Package development frequently exploits promotion research to create packaging that replicates customer buying styles, as it produces and supports your brand name and motivates optimistic attitudes to your product, and the result is good sales. Package designing companies offers quality package designing service for your business at reasonable rates.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Panoramic Photo Stitching

Photo stitching applications are a common inexpensive way of producing virtual tour images.
There are different stages in panoramic photo stitching. They are the following.

• Image blending (Includes Color correction, deblurring and dynamic range extension)
• Image calibration
• Image registration

There are many leading companies specialized in the virtual tour services / virtual tour creation jobs in prepress services. SBL Graphics is such a virtual tour service provider who offers 360 degree and 180 degree panorama creation, panoramic e-brochure creation and virtual tour creation services