Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Image Stitching Services

Visit to an academy or real estate located far off the land mass, calls for time and money. When the entire space is recreated using a sequence of images of the location, public can view the area as if they are really touring the place. This is where the method of virtual tour creation or panoramic photo stitching comes into play.

Software like Panweaver Pro and Tourweaver Pro are arranged to generate virtual tours with flash and video features. Various image stitching components like video, flash, floorplans, hotspots, RADAR, popup windows, etc. are incorporated into the still images and panorama. These software’s can simply stitch several shots into horizontal, vertical, 180 degree, or 360 degree panorama.

The web-tour has made a reflective impact in varied markets like e-commerce, hospitality, travel & tourism, real estate, and sports. In the real estate industry, virtual tour services can range from a easy interactive floor plan to a highly developed full-service virtual tour. Online land search by consumers has altered the virtual tour creation / virtual tour service into a dominant advertising tool.

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