Thursday, December 30, 2010

Avatar pop art style

The pop art is a most funniest technique that is applied in many zones and actually it is a creation of an artificial style that taste in some peoples. There are many types of styles in pop art, some are, warhol pop art style, obama pop art style, wanted pop art style, avatar pop art style. The warhol style has often a eye-catching and single dark background color and many of the designing companies providing that type service. The obama style is a type of pop art and has some similarities with warhol style and the obama works can be seen in the link is as follows

The wanted pop art style is created for smuggler's poster design or poster design for missing persons with a particular high lighted eye-catching colour, and that has a particular layout can be sense by the above link. The avatar style is a famous style and all of the peoples suddenly get that style. It is same as the avathar movie model, and it's work model can also see in the above link

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