Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Vector plus Pop Art

The relationship between human and art started from the initial days of his life. Development of human drawing techniques demonstrates how he desired to share his ideas and opinions with his own sort through the medium of colors.

Photoshop pop art is a renewal of colors with definitive styles, pointing consumerism and similar to the accepted culture. Pop art designs is an art style that combines with all new-styles existing in the culture. Pop art pictures always speak the most trendy styles and concepts in a society. The trendy styles in pop art designing services are the following:

Warhol pop art style
Lichtenstein pop art style
•Retro pop art style
•Avatar pop art style
•Flame pop art style
Horror pop art style
•Line pop art style
•Obama pop art style
•Wanted pop art style

Vector clipart / illustration is a popular method of many digital illustrators worldwide. These programs are used to make the initial file, and then create a raster version for an optimized, Web-ready file.

Business organizations, portrait studios and public are now using the various rewards of vector images and vector clip art / graphics than other conventional formats. Scalability to any size without much loss of quality makes it ideal for portraits, logos or other images that require resizing.

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