Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Image Resizing Zoom & Thumbnail

SBL Graphics offers Image Resizing Zoom & Thumbnail services at affordable rates......
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Illustrations are of two types. They are the Portrait and commercial illustrations. Portrait designing includes the different styles of pop art designs and commercial illustration includes vector graphics / vector clip art / illustration.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pop Art Styles

The most famous style that is now capturing the want from people of different age groups and categories all over the worldwide is the Avatar Pop Art Style. The Avatar style had its origin from the 2010 blockbuster Hollywood movie, “Avatar”, which succeeded in grabbing the applaud and interest of the audience. Since then, this style is being used by the people, especially the teenagers and youngsters, who want their image avatarized and be posted on social networking sites, T-shirts, etc. This style is more popular and in demand among the youth for their personal interest.

Yet another style, the Flame Pop Art Style, is said to have its birth from the Hollywood movie, “Ghost Rider”. This style is opted for its flame effect that can portray an image of wild and daring to the others. Similar to the movie, the head and the body would be artifacted as burning and blazing flames. Magazines and T-shirt have such styles on them.

Wanted pop Art Style renders a Mexican mood to this style. Mimicking a person with the wanted label posters, which are usually found in the Texas, Mexico, and other South American regions, can been commonly used as gifts and wallpapers. The Love Style is used to elicit the romantic mood between two lovers. This is commonly used to produce designs that can be used to give birthday gifts to lovers.

Styles like Lichtenstein pop Art Style and Warhol Pop Art Style are named after versatile artists of the 1950's and 70's, who produced noteworthy and eye-catchy pop art works that have immortalized many personalities and objects. These artists have donated thought provoking and novel pieces to the art industry, which is today preserved and followed in its fullest and purest essence. Line style is also a form of style that has originated from the Warhol Pop Art Style. Andy Warhol had simplified the lines in his image, applied flat colors and regenerated extraordinary images from the ordinary objects.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pop Arts

Pop Art is believed to be the new avatar of the concept of Abstract Expressionalism. Today, Pop Art is finding its way into the advertisements, billboards, comic strips and mundane everyday objects, which is reproduced to express feelings or meanings, or to give it a humorous perspective. Various styles are incorporated into the objects of the mass culture. Pop art is rendered to objects in the form of an image or icon, which after isolation from its context, is redefined in the art world.

Every tools in the Adobe Photoshop CS like adjustment layers, posterize filter, and channel mixers, are meticulously handled by the professionally qualified designers and artists to create better-looking results and to widen its scope beyond the popular culture, like advertisements and books. Magazines, T-shirts, and coffee tumblers are also embossed with exquisite and representational art designs that are majorly used as gifts, presents, giveaways, or freebies.

The pop art service providers worldwide employ various pop art styles like Avatar Style Pop Art, Flame Style Pop Art, Horror Style Pop Art, Lichtenstein Style Pop Art, Line Style Pop Art, Love Style Pop Art, Obama Style Pop Art, Wanted Style Pop Art, Warhol Style Pop Art etc. These styles are named after the founder artists or have found their origin from movies or personalities that might have impacted and evoked the people to try them out on themselves.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just give a look and feels the magic

Are you looking for a graphics designing company? Then you are at the right place. I would like to share one famous company website with you all. Please go through the magical world of graphics.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Pop Art Designs: Artifacting the Abstraction!

Pop art is a visual art. Exclusive custom gifts and custom portraits can be created from any images in different pop art styles like Warhol pop art style, Art deco pop art style, Lichtenstein pop art style, flame pop art style, retro pop art style, avatar pop art style, horror pop art style, line pop art style, obama pop art style, wanted pop art style, neo pop art style.

Now a day’s most of the peoples like to give unique personalized gifts to all occasions like birthday, marriage, wedding anniversary, seasonal celebrations etc. Pop art designs are loved by all type of minds but mostly the little kids more like the pop arts. So mainly the pop art designs we can see mostly in kids items like watches, water bottles, pencils, book covers, pencil box, dress materials, toys etc.

Pop art styles are also used in magazines, movies posters, comics, greeting cards, company logo, T-shirts etc. Quality and eye-catching pop art posters, pop art pictures services etc are offered by many graphics designing companies around the world. By letting your pop art design jobs to the right designing firm will reduce your time and save money and then you can concentrate more on your other works.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Post production services

SBL Graphics offers post production services like image clipping path , image masking services, image touch up services, professional album design, image coloring,image manipulation etc.

SBL Graphics provides all Post production services at affordable rates. Post production services mainly useful in many industries. Now the trends in Post production increases day to day...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Famous Prepress Services Provider In India

Prepress services / photography and post production services are image background removal / image clipping path /Silhouette clip art / graphics, photoshop / image / knockout / layer masking services, image touch up services / digital image restoration / retouching service, professional album design, Photoshop digital image manipulation etc adding special effects to your photographs—such as frames, grafting, trimming, padding, and just about anything you desire. All this applies to black and white and full color photographs.

SBL Graphics, an ISO 9001 quality certified IT services provider specialized in Image editing / Prepress Services, Graphics design, Video production and Manipulation, 2d 3d animation and Panorama Creation.

SBL Graphics offers quality Image / Photo editing services/ Prepress Services at affordable cost. SBL's Graphics Prepress services include:

* Image clipping path | Image background removal services
* Image / photoshop / layer / knockout masking services
* Digital image restoration / retouching service
* Custom wedding album designing
* Image coloring service
* Photoshop image manipulation and enhancement

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vector Illustration / Vector Graphics

An experienced photo editing team handles all images conversion to vector services efficiently and ensures minimum turnaround time for the projects, thus saving a lot of time and effort. The various vector image editing / vector illustration software employed by the experts are:

• Adobe Illustrator
• CorelDRAW
• Xara Xtreme
• Serif DrawPlus

These vector graphics / vector clip art program are used to make the initial file, and then create a raster version for an optimized, Web-ready file.

Corporate organizations, portrait studios and public are now exploiting the various advantages of vector images and vector clipart / vector graphics than other conventional formats. Scalability to any size without much loss of quality makes it ideal for portraits, logos or other images that require resizing.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Pop Art Designs

Digital media have nourished the depths of pop art designs, which recognized a popular trend in artwork creation.

Photoshop pop art designs have played a vital role in the formation of a new service rendering sector, which is the Pop art designing services. Pop arts styles and pop art designing industry has grown beyond horizons. In this present world of technology, pop-art designs are better suit for ads and all commercial presentations.

The styles in Pop art include Lichtenstein style pop art design, warhol style pop art design, retro style pop art design, flame style pop art design, avatar style pop art design, horror style pop art design, line style pop art design, obama style pop art design, wanted style pop art design etc.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Image Clipping Path / Outline and Photo / Knockout Masking Services

Adobe Photoshop is a highly flexible prepress services editing tool which offers a number of techniques in removing background from photos/images. Two very significant techniques in this realm are image clipping path / image cropping services and photoshop / transparency / knockout masking services. Though both image clipping path / background removal and image / alpha masking are used for photo / image editing purposes, they have specific features and differences associated with them. Some of the differences between clipping path / outline services and photo / layer masking services are listed below.

Image Clipping path / Cropping / Outline

1.In clipping path / image cropping, the images are saved including their path. Easy to select the path.

2.E-commerce applications are more.

3.Illustrator or In-design wont support clipping path / image outline.

4.Image output size is less.

5.More commonly used.

6.Less natural appearance compared to masking when defining hairstyles.

7.Supports all formats.

8.Clipped image can be saved as a masked image using layer masking or Alpha channel masking.

9.As clipping path / image outline is saved, any modification or further use is possible.

10.Pen tool is used. The output obtained will have hard edges.

11.Clipping path / image cropping is faster.

Photo / Image / Transparency Masking

1.The images are saved without a path associated with them.

2.Less e-commerce applications.

3.Alpha channel masking supports other software or commercial applications.

4.Image output size is more.

5.Not used much, compared to image clipping path / image outline.

6.Even intricate hair structures can be masked with natural effects.

7.Supports only .tiff and .psd.

8.Not possible to be saved as a clipped image.

9.Not as flexible as clipping path / image cropping.

10.Mask tool or techniques such as Layer mask can be used. Output will have smooth edges.

11.Not as fast as clipping path / image cropping , but fixes complex hair styles faster.