Friday, September 24, 2010

Pop Arts

Pop Art is believed to be the new avatar of the concept of Abstract Expressionalism. Today, Pop Art is finding its way into the advertisements, billboards, comic strips and mundane everyday objects, which is reproduced to express feelings or meanings, or to give it a humorous perspective. Various styles are incorporated into the objects of the mass culture. Pop art is rendered to objects in the form of an image or icon, which after isolation from its context, is redefined in the art world.

Every tools in the Adobe Photoshop CS like adjustment layers, posterize filter, and channel mixers, are meticulously handled by the professionally qualified designers and artists to create better-looking results and to widen its scope beyond the popular culture, like advertisements and books. Magazines, T-shirts, and coffee tumblers are also embossed with exquisite and representational art designs that are majorly used as gifts, presents, giveaways, or freebies.

The pop art service providers worldwide employ various pop art styles like Avatar Style Pop Art, Flame Style Pop Art, Horror Style Pop Art, Lichtenstein Style Pop Art, Line Style Pop Art, Love Style Pop Art, Obama Style Pop Art, Wanted Style Pop Art, Warhol Style Pop Art etc. These styles are named after the founder artists or have found their origin from movies or personalities that might have impacted and evoked the people to try them out on themselves.

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