Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pop Art Styles

The most famous style that is now capturing the want from people of different age groups and categories all over the worldwide is the Avatar Pop Art Style. The Avatar style had its origin from the 2010 blockbuster Hollywood movie, “Avatar”, which succeeded in grabbing the applaud and interest of the audience. Since then, this style is being used by the people, especially the teenagers and youngsters, who want their image avatarized and be posted on social networking sites, T-shirts, etc. This style is more popular and in demand among the youth for their personal interest.

Yet another style, the Flame Pop Art Style, is said to have its birth from the Hollywood movie, “Ghost Rider”. This style is opted for its flame effect that can portray an image of wild and daring to the others. Similar to the movie, the head and the body would be artifacted as burning and blazing flames. Magazines and T-shirt have such styles on them.

Wanted pop Art Style renders a Mexican mood to this style. Mimicking a person with the wanted label posters, which are usually found in the Texas, Mexico, and other South American regions, can been commonly used as gifts and wallpapers. The Love Style is used to elicit the romantic mood between two lovers. This is commonly used to produce designs that can be used to give birthday gifts to lovers.

Styles like Lichtenstein pop Art Style and Warhol Pop Art Style are named after versatile artists of the 1950's and 70's, who produced noteworthy and eye-catchy pop art works that have immortalized many personalities and objects. These artists have donated thought provoking and novel pieces to the art industry, which is today preserved and followed in its fullest and purest essence. Line style is also a form of style that has originated from the Warhol Pop Art Style. Andy Warhol had simplified the lines in his image, applied flat colors and regenerated extraordinary images from the ordinary objects.

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