Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Famous Prepress Services Provider In India

Prepress services / photography and post production services are image background removal / image clipping path /Silhouette clip art / graphics, photoshop / image / knockout / layer masking services, image touch up services / digital image restoration / retouching service, professional album design, Photoshop digital image manipulation etc adding special effects to your photographs—such as frames, grafting, trimming, padding, and just about anything you desire. All this applies to black and white and full color photographs.

SBL Graphics, an ISO 9001 quality certified IT services provider specialized in Image editing / Prepress Services, Graphics design, Video production and Manipulation, 2d 3d animation and Panorama Creation.

SBL Graphics offers quality Image / Photo editing services/ Prepress Services at affordable cost. SBL's Graphics Prepress services include:

* Image clipping path | Image background removal services
* Image / photoshop / layer / knockout masking services
* Digital image restoration / retouching service
* Custom wedding album designing
* Image coloring service
* Photoshop image manipulation and enhancement

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