Friday, April 30, 2010

Vectorize Image

Conversion of an image into vector art change the image's feel and look. The image having better resolution is taken for vector image creation.

The mainly used software for image to vector conversion are adobe illustrator / coral draw and also digital illustration is possible in photoshop. The recommended format for the editable nature of the vector images file is .eps.

There are lots of vector image creation services / graphic illustrator providers around the world, who offers good quality vector art at reasonable cost.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Brochures are the main marketing tool of a company. Tri-fold brochure design / Custom brochure design can be used as the most powerful / effective sales tool. Most companies are very careful to design a corporate brochure design / custom brochure design.

There are large numbers of firms offer quality brochure design services at affordable cost. Those firms provide professional brochure design service / custom brochure design services and the main goal of tri-fold brochure design / custom brochure design create an irresistible need for the products / services / goods in the minds of the readers.

Good brochures improve the sales of products / services / goods. In brochures we include the quality content, which means the benefits, striking features of products / services / goods etc.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quality wedding album designing

Wedding is the most beautiful moments in everyone’s life. Wedding album has more importance in life. A photographer can capture the most precious moments and also provide a wonderful and fabulous wedding album designing.

Now a day’s a lot of digital album designing services providers around the world. They offer quality and eye-catching album designing services at cheap rates. Digital album designing needs creativity.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Image coloring: A beautiful moment

On the last Saturday’s fine evening I went for a walk to the garden near to our flat in Bangalore with my sweet “reya” (my cousin sister daughter). She was only 3 years old. She looks very beautiful and a naughty baby. But she likes to walk through the garden. Whenever I went for a walk she happily joins with me every time. Yesterday too she joined for the beautiful walk through the garden.

While we enter the garden, she happily ran near to the rose flower section in the garden and she posses for some shots. I took some awesome shots of little reya. I loved her a lot because of her affectionate love to flowers, birds and animals and also to the surroundings. We walk through the whole garden and watch the elegant beauty of flowers, lotus pond, other plants and flower section.

After that we sat there for some time. At that time I noticed that she observe the nature. A little yellow colored butterfly was sitting on a rose flower; the little reya noticed it and she ran towards the rose flower. She want to touch the butterfly with her little hand, so she lift her hand to touch the butterfly at the same moment the butterfly fly away from the flower. She started to cry so we went back to our flat.

The time was 6pm. I went to the temple near to our flat. The little “reya” refused to come with me to temple. At that time also she weeps out, so her mother took her to their room for taking rest.

For one hour I was in temple, I went back my flat near to 7pm. I though she felt deep sleep. When I reach my flat I really stuck while seeing the happy reya. She was busy with drawing. I really wondered what she is drawn on the long paper. I really stunned while I saw the picture drawn by my sweet little “reya”. The theme was a little girl lift her hand for touching a beautiful butterfly, but it flies away. At that moment I realized the observation of little children’s.

After completed the picture, she showed me. I appreciate her talent and encourage image colouring. I bought crayons, water colors and sketch pens for her from the shop near to our flat. She started image coloring with sketch pens. She beautifully colored the picture. After that she showed her first work to all. All appreciate her work and some offer chocolates to little reya’s talent.

At this time everyone in her home include me know about the inborn talent of little “reya”. Now her father and mother took her to drawing class near to our flat. Now we download from internets and bough coloring and drawing books for her. She really interested in drawing and color correction of photographs / image coloring. Now her naughty character also decreases day to day.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Brochure plus Flyer Services

In graphics designing, the most important design services for promotional marketing are the professional brochure design service and flyer services.

1) Flyer Services: Flyer design are considered to be the most effective and important element in the promotional marketing. It serves two of the most important aspects- a good flyer design gives an everlasting impression of the product and secondly it spells out the objectives of the clients. Getting a good and impressive flyer design speaks itself for the quality, products and for the services.

2) Tri fold brochure design / Custom brochure design: Tri fold brochure design / custom brochure design can effectively advertise products, events, restaurants, and many other things. The quality content is the main part of a very good brochure.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Quality image editing, Web designing and Graphic services

Last month I was searching for some good image editing and graphics designing services in google for my friend in Poland, a lot of companies listed. My friend wants to start a company in Poland. For that he needs a website, logo, brochure etc. For that we short list some companies.

From the list we took SBL Graphics. The site looks pretty good and they provide both the image editing and graphics services. SBL Graphics offers image editing services like clipping path services, image masking services, photoshop restoration and retouching, image coloring, wedding album designing, image manipulation and image enhancement and graphic services like custom brochure design services, flyer design, corporate identity, logo designing, poster designing services, product package design and vector image creation services. And also they provide Website designing, 2d 3d animation / architectural rendering services and panoramic photo stitching services.

They provide samples of each service in gallery part and also given the price for each service. My friend also like their quality work and affordable price and gave the work to them. They completed the work within the time slot with good quality. Now my friend is happy with SBL Graphics services. We would strongly recommend SBL Graphics for quality image editing, web designing and graphic services.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

360 degree panoramic stitching

360 degree photo stitching is a technique of photo editing that captures images with elongated fields of view also known as wide format. The term applies to a photograph that is cropped to a relatively wide aspect ratio. While there is no formal definition for the point at which wide angle leaves off and panoramic begins, a basic rule would be that wide angle refers to the type of lens used but does not necessarily constitute itself as a panorama.

Panorama tools are used for panorama creation. They provide a powerful framework for re-projecting and blending multiple source images into immersive panoramic of many types. An updated version of the Panorama Tools library serves as the underlying core engine for many software panorama GUI front-ends.

Panoramic photo stitching applications are a common inexpensive way of producing panoramic photos. There are large number of companies specialized in the panoramic virtual tour services jobs in image editing.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Important Photoshop Services

Photoshop services give a magical touch to your old/ new photographs. I would like to discuss the terms image clipping and image masking in Photoshop services.

First of all, let me say about the image clipping. Image clipping is also called clipping path / image background removal. Clipping path means a vector line description integrated into your image file that tells software where to "clip" the image. Usually it's used to knockout the background of an image. There are large numbers of clipping path service providers around the world to do the quality clipping path services at affordable rates.

Next is about the image masking. Image masking is also known by the names photo masking / Photoshop masking. Photoshop masking is one of the most necessary pre-production work of graphic designing and used for background removal of any complex image. There are large numbers of image masking experts who provides quality image masking services at affordable cost.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Image Clipping Outsourcing

The recent mania for outsourcing has hit the graphic designing industry. Image clipping / clipping path / image background removal, now a popular name among the outsourcing services which has become a cost saver for many businesses.

Background removal services in photoshop means a vector line description integrated into your image file that tells software where to "clip" the image. Usually it's used to knock the background out of an image.

Image clipping / clipping path is a term used in the graphics industry. Clipping path services are widely used in various graphic processes.

The possibilities of a clipped image are endless! You can now directly place edited images on different backgrounds or use them for making ads, magazines, banners etc.

There are many leading clipping path service providers specialized in the image clipping service jobs in photo editing. By letting these jobs to the better company can lift off much of your work and the related stress.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Use of Clipping path and Image Masking Services

Clipping path / image clipping / Image background removal and Image masking / Photo masking / Photoshop masking are graphic terms used in designing industry.

Clipping path is a closed vector path that helps to knockout an image in a photo editing software. Photoshop masking is used to isolate a portion of an image from the rest of a photo, provided the photo has edges that are not well-defined.

Today clipped images are used directly on various media such as magazines, flyers, banners, packages etc. They are also used to eliminate the background of a photograph when exporting the photo to a page layout, a vector-editing application, or for printing purposes.

Image masking services is mostly used for creating product catalogs. Also known as Masking in Photoshop, it is used with image clipping path technique to knock the background out of complex image to be placed for advertisement display in e-commerce website. Photo Masking is further useful when background removal service alone is not applicable on hair, fur, or semi translucent images like flames, highlights, lighting, chiffon & glasses, feathers, smoke, muslin, etc.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wedding album-- Dream of recently weds

A specific wedding album / wedding album designing is a dream for every newly wedded couple. It brings happy memories of their wedding day.

Image editing companies who provide digital album designing services have a variety of aspects in customizing each design according to your taste and shooting style. All the images in the Album are subjected to Photoshop restoration and retouching to give your album /album designing a perfect appearance.

Wedding bells ornament a wedding. A simple and cool wedding gift is their in image editing company’s hands for all newly wedded couples. The gift is the elegant, unique and eye-catching digital wedding album designing itself.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Different Image Masking Techniques

Image masking / masking in photoshop is one of the most significant pre-production works of graphics designing. Masking means separating a portion of an image from the rest of a photo when the edged of the image is not well defined.

Image masking mainly apply for the masking of complex hair styles. After applying photoshop masking, these masked images are mostly used in catalogs and all.

The different photo masking techniques are:
• Pen tool image masking technique
• Extract filter photo masking technique
• Quick mask technique
• Magic eraser photoshop masking technique
• Background eraser masking technique

Monday, April 12, 2010

Image Editing plus Graphic Services

Yesterday I search in google for “image editing and graphic services providers”, a lot a companies listed in first page. Most of the companies provide image editing services like clipping path, image masking, color correction of photographs, photoshop restoration and retouching, image enhancement etc and Graphic services like custom brochure design, vector image creation, logo designing, flyer designing, product package design etc and also provides services like 2d 3d animation and panorama creation.

Those companies offers quality services at cheap rates. While I go through those company sites, I understood that the image editing and graphics fields are highly competitive fields. The sample works of those companies are really high quality and attractive work and those companies are very attractive because of their high quality work, less work duration and cheap rates.

But selecting the right provider is really very tough job. Choose the right service provider and let them to do your work and feels the benefits of outsourcing.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Graphics World

In today's world the trends in new technologies and tough competitions gives a fresh outlook in all technical fields. In that i would like to tell something about the "world of Graphics" and it is really an amazing and wonderful world of creativity.

Graphics is one of the major industry in the world. The main element in graphics designing is the creative vision. There are number of companies who provides graphic services. Those companies offers services like custom brochure design, logo designing, product packaging design, poster design services, raster to vector conversion, brand identity design, flyer designing etc. Those service providers offers the high quality graphics designing services at affordable rates.

In this beautiful world, mainly in the entertainment field the influence of graphics is really uncountable. Most of the movies, advertisements etc, the contribution of graphics is really amazing and the magical wings of graphics touches these fields in an unbelievable manner. Some examples are the movies like "Avatar", "2012" etc.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

2d and 3d animations

Now a day’s 2d and 3d animations get more popularity in games, movies etc. 3d may use 2d rendering techniques. 3d graphics is also called 3d modelling. A model can be displayed visually as a 2d image through a process called 3d rendering.

There are large numbers of reputed institutes who offers courses in 2d 3d animation. And also there are large numbers of companies who provides quality architectural rendering services / 3d interior modelling services / 3d walkthrough at affordable rates.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Benefits of outsourcing works to India

Yesterday one of my friend who is working in USA called me at 6pm regarding a panoramic work. While searching in google with the keyword “panorama stitching services” he noticed that the one of the image editing and graphic services provider in Cochin/Kerala/India list in the first page and they provide some good 360 degree photo stitching samples in their website.

He like the 360 degree panorama stitching samples and told me to search about that company in Cochin. I agreed to do that for him. Now I’m working in Cochin itself, so I can easily identify the location and status of that company. I send a positive feedback about that company to my friend.

Then my friend need a sample work, so he given a sample images to work on and they done the sample within 3 hours and sent back to my friend. He pleased with their excellent panorama creation work. And he assigned me to given the bulk panoramic photo stitching work to them. They agreed to do the work within 1 month at affordable rate.

My friend told me that outsourcing the 360 degree virtual e-tours works to that company save the time, money and manpower. So I would like to tell you that outsourcing your image editing, graphic services, web designing and development, BPO services, GIS services and software development works to the right provider in India will reduce your time, money and manpower and thus you can concentrate on other works.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Graphics Digital Arts

Graphics digital arts are highly creative. Graphics digital arts includes custom brochure design, raster to vector conversion, flyer designing, poster designing, product packaging design, corporate logo designing, corporate identity designing etc.

There are many companies providing graphics digital arts. But choosing the right provider is really a very tough job. By letting the right provider to do the graphics digital art work really save the money and time and thus you can concentrate on other works.

Monday, April 05, 2010

A true memorable Gift

The last Friday me and my best friend, who is working with a media in Bangalore, went to “Iskcon temple” near to Rajaji Nagar in Bangalore. The Temple is a graceful merge of new technology and spiritual harmony with a unique arrangement of gopurams and glass and is situated on a hillock and the temple promotes the Vedic culture and spiritual learning.

The surrounding place by the temple is really beautiful. From March 28th to April 8th, 2010 Brahmotsava festival is going on there. This temple provides such a great experience while seeing the mind-blowing form of lord. After that we get the prasadam and the main attraction is the ISKCON Vedic theatre.

After that we get back from there, while travelling back I noticed one book in my friend’s hand. I get that book from him and I really wondered while seeing that. That book based on Iskcon temple, and it consists several photos of temples and lord in different views.

The central attraction of the book is the beautiful arrangements of images and the design. Eye-catching design in a different beautiful manner and I’m sure about that “all are attracted by the design”. I wish to do such a design but in a different manner. The design inspired me in such a good way.

Yesterday I reach my home town and prepared to design a book like that. For that I edit (apply image coloring, photoshop restoration and retouching, photo masking etc) all those images taken by us. In a different view I arranged those images and designed each pages giving Iskcon temple image as background and done the design. The book designed by me, only consist with 18 pages of beautiful images taken by us and the last page consist the route map and contact address.

I named the book as “on the memory of Lord Krishna” and only one copy. I given that book designed by me to my best friend as the symbol of our friendship. He thanked me for giving such a lovely and memorable gift.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Image editing and Graphic designing

Yesterday while I search “image editing and graphic designing” on google for my friend, so many companies listed for that particular keyword. While I check that list, I like one of the company who provides image editing services and graphics design services.

They have high quality image editing services like clipping path, photo masking, photo repair services, image coloring etc. and graphics designing services like brochure design services, logo design, flyer designing, poster designing etc. And also they display attractive and quality work samples in their site.

I like their website very much because of the quality and eye-catching design of the web site and work samples of the services they offered. I forward the company website and details to my friend and he liked it and he suggest me to give the bulk work of image editing and graphics designing to them.