Saturday, April 24, 2010

Image coloring: A beautiful moment

On the last Saturday’s fine evening I went for a walk to the garden near to our flat in Bangalore with my sweet “reya” (my cousin sister daughter). She was only 3 years old. She looks very beautiful and a naughty baby. But she likes to walk through the garden. Whenever I went for a walk she happily joins with me every time. Yesterday too she joined for the beautiful walk through the garden.

While we enter the garden, she happily ran near to the rose flower section in the garden and she posses for some shots. I took some awesome shots of little reya. I loved her a lot because of her affectionate love to flowers, birds and animals and also to the surroundings. We walk through the whole garden and watch the elegant beauty of flowers, lotus pond, other plants and flower section.

After that we sat there for some time. At that time I noticed that she observe the nature. A little yellow colored butterfly was sitting on a rose flower; the little reya noticed it and she ran towards the rose flower. She want to touch the butterfly with her little hand, so she lift her hand to touch the butterfly at the same moment the butterfly fly away from the flower. She started to cry so we went back to our flat.

The time was 6pm. I went to the temple near to our flat. The little “reya” refused to come with me to temple. At that time also she weeps out, so her mother took her to their room for taking rest.

For one hour I was in temple, I went back my flat near to 7pm. I though she felt deep sleep. When I reach my flat I really stuck while seeing the happy reya. She was busy with drawing. I really wondered what she is drawn on the long paper. I really stunned while I saw the picture drawn by my sweet little “reya”. The theme was a little girl lift her hand for touching a beautiful butterfly, but it flies away. At that moment I realized the observation of little children’s.

After completed the picture, she showed me. I appreciate her talent and encourage image colouring. I bought crayons, water colors and sketch pens for her from the shop near to our flat. She started image coloring with sketch pens. She beautifully colored the picture. After that she showed her first work to all. All appreciate her work and some offer chocolates to little reya’s talent.

At this time everyone in her home include me know about the inborn talent of little “reya”. Now her father and mother took her to drawing class near to our flat. Now we download from internets and bough coloring and drawing books for her. She really interested in drawing and color correction of photographs / image coloring. Now her naughty character also decreases day to day.

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