Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Benefits of outsourcing works to India

Yesterday one of my friend who is working in USA called me at 6pm regarding a panoramic work. While searching in google with the keyword “panorama stitching services” he noticed that the one of the image editing and graphic services provider in Cochin/Kerala/India list in the first page and they provide some good 360 degree photo stitching samples in their website.

He like the 360 degree panorama stitching samples and told me to search about that company in Cochin. I agreed to do that for him. Now I’m working in Cochin itself, so I can easily identify the location and status of that company. I send a positive feedback about that company to my friend.

Then my friend need a sample work, so he given a sample images to work on and they done the sample within 3 hours and sent back to my friend. He pleased with their excellent panorama creation work. And he assigned me to given the bulk panoramic photo stitching work to them. They agreed to do the work within 1 month at affordable rate.

My friend told me that outsourcing the 360 degree virtual e-tours works to that company save the time, money and manpower. So I would like to tell you that outsourcing your image editing, graphic services, web designing and development, BPO services, GIS services and software development works to the right provider in India will reduce your time, money and manpower and thus you can concentrate on other works.

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