Monday, April 05, 2010

A true memorable Gift

The last Friday me and my best friend, who is working with a media in Bangalore, went to “Iskcon temple” near to Rajaji Nagar in Bangalore. The Temple is a graceful merge of new technology and spiritual harmony with a unique arrangement of gopurams and glass and is situated on a hillock and the temple promotes the Vedic culture and spiritual learning.

The surrounding place by the temple is really beautiful. From March 28th to April 8th, 2010 Brahmotsava festival is going on there. This temple provides such a great experience while seeing the mind-blowing form of lord. After that we get the prasadam and the main attraction is the ISKCON Vedic theatre.

After that we get back from there, while travelling back I noticed one book in my friend’s hand. I get that book from him and I really wondered while seeing that. That book based on Iskcon temple, and it consists several photos of temples and lord in different views.

The central attraction of the book is the beautiful arrangements of images and the design. Eye-catching design in a different beautiful manner and I’m sure about that “all are attracted by the design”. I wish to do such a design but in a different manner. The design inspired me in such a good way.

Yesterday I reach my home town and prepared to design a book like that. For that I edit (apply image coloring, photoshop restoration and retouching, photo masking etc) all those images taken by us. In a different view I arranged those images and designed each pages giving Iskcon temple image as background and done the design. The book designed by me, only consist with 18 pages of beautiful images taken by us and the last page consist the route map and contact address.

I named the book as “on the memory of Lord Krishna” and only one copy. I given that book designed by me to my best friend as the symbol of our friendship. He thanked me for giving such a lovely and memorable gift.

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