Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coloring the Life

Yesterday, the republic day was a holiday for us. I decided to visit one of my colleagues, near to my hostel. She stayed with her family, which is 14 km away from my hostel.

Around 11 o’ clock I reach there. While I reach there, the little baby named “reya” welcome me with a cute smile. She wear a beautiful blue dress, she really looks like a little angel. I love the smile of the little baby. That is really a blissful moments in my life ever happened.

We had lunch at 1:30pm. There are variety of different color roses, jasmines, dalia, daffodils and an artificial pond that contain a variety of lotus and water lilies. We had a photo session in the beautiful garden.

I took a lot of photos of "reya", the little baby. She posed the photo section in many beautiful ways. After that, using data cable she transfer the entire photos into the computer and saved in the desktop. While looking the photo of cute little one, I like one photo, she posed behind the rose flowers, where butterflies flying around her. That photo I like so much. So I asked to give one copy of that. She agreed and opened that photo in photoshop and done color correction of photographs and gave a hard copy to me. I like the image coloring and perfection of photo. I never forget the experience with “reya”, the cute little baby with this republic day.

At 6pm I reach my hostel. I called my colleague to inform that I reach there in my hostel, while talking I can hear the sound of little “reya” on the background. That’s really a happy and memorable trip that never ever happened in my life.

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