Monday, January 18, 2010

wedding album: Just like a dream

The previous day I went through my friends wedding album designed by a famous studio in Bangalore. It has lovely cover design and each shot remember me the beautiful moments of that marriage function. While watching that wedding album, I noticed the creativeness in each page and each image decorated and arranged in a beautiful manner. I totally attracted to that awesome album design. The digital wedding album designing service brings out the actual beauty of that marriage in that album.

Then I attracted to the wordings under each page, which show the affection of love with groom and bride. Each page in that album arranged in a unique manner, which gives more beauty to the wedding album.

Seeing this wedding album, I felt that I am watching the wedding ceremony in front of my eyes. Anyone who watches this album wishes to have the same cherishing feelings in their wedding.

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  1. Wedding album design is an art unto itself. Nice post. Like you work. Maybe you could post some of your work images on your blog?

    Thanks for sharing!


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