Friday, July 16, 2010

Quality Brightens the Dream

Last Wednesday I got a mail from a client. He is working with a GIS Company in Australia. Their company needs some advertising and promotional material designs like flash banners, flyers, brochures for their upcoming seminar on the topic "IT and GIS Bonding like never before". He sent me the content and the images needed for those creative designs.

I handover this work to our graphics team and they have finished the whole creative work and sent the work to that client. After that the client gave me their feedback and he appreciates our quality, quick effort and creativity in that mail. They informed me that they will contact us for future design works.

I got another mail regarding an enquiry of GIS services from the same client now. I was surprised and they informed me that they have some upcoming projects in GIS application development and planning to outsource those projects to our GIS team. I am happy to read that message and forward the project to our GIS Team. Now our GIS team starts to process that enquiry.

Through this post, I am trying to familiarize all those wings of SBL. Our domain experts in Graphics, Software, and Geographical Information System(GIS) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) divisions provide a range of services to a variety of industry segments across five continents.

Today is the luckiest and happiest day for me. I am very proud being the part of SBL. I am thanking GOD for the opportunity to work with great SBL team.

Thanks and Regards,
Gayathri Babu.G

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