Friday, March 26, 2010

Brochure Designing

Yesterday I got a custom brochure design work for an Engineering college in Bangalore. They need tri-fold brochure designing in a simple way but attractive manner. They suggest the fonts and send images and contents they want to include in the tri-fold brochure design.

Yesterday itself I completed the brochure design and sent the design to them. The brochure pages in a pale blue color and the contents and images are placed in the brochure in an attentive manner. They liked the design and sent me a feed back about my work telling that “My brochure design work has a professional touch and the design is relevant and eye-catching”.

Do you know what exactly a brochure role? Brochure can tell more about your businesses / products / goods / Services. Brochures are mainly used by all types of companies in the process of growing. Brochures are at lower cost and it is valuable to improve the company to their corporate.

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