Monday, February 22, 2010

A memorable gift

The last Friday I got a courier from my best friend. I don’t expect any gifts from anyone at that time. I eagerly opened the box and find one CD. I don’t know what it consists. I went to my room and switch on my lap top and I insert the CD and opened it.

That is a 2d and 3d animations video. That CD contains two videos. I really surprised such a wonderful gift from my sweet friend. I just watch the first video. First of all I watch the 2d animation regarding to a cartoon “Mickey mouse”. One of my favorite and that’s very beautiful to see. After that I play the second video. It’s really a different experience to me.

While watching the video, I noticed that it consist two characters. The girl character looks like me and the other one looks like my best friend. Yes, I really surprised at that moment. The two characters walking through a garden and at the middle of the garden there was an outdoor shed and a beautiful fountain which falls on the shed and was surrounded by a lake.

The lake consist a lot of rose and white lotus and lilies and some doves are drinking water from the lake and swans swimming around the lake. There was a big cake placed on the table which is placed in the outdoor shed. They together move towards the outdoor shed and cut the cake together at that moment some red colored heart shaped birthday balloons blasted showering glitters all over the place. The girl wishes happy birthday to the boy. That’s true lovely to see the video. At the end of the video the boy character telling that,” this is the dream I saw on my birthday night (Feb 9th 2010) and it is just as the symbol of our friendship.

That’s really a beautiful and memorable gift from my sweet best friend. After closing the video and opened my mail and wrote reply to him mentioning about his beautiful and creative work. After seeing this beautiful video I really interested in 3d animation and I search for quality and cost effective character modelling services providers to make a beautiful animated video.


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