Friday, February 19, 2010

Magic of animation and interior modelling

Yesterday me and my friend went to watch the movie “2012”. It’s really a science fiction disaster film and we liked the movie very much. The eye-catching visual effects and 3d animations really give a beautiful perfection to the film.

We really enjoyed the movie for three hours with scenes of gigantic wave crushing a Himalayan monastery, ground crumbling into an abyss etc. More I like the perfections of 3d animations in the movie” 2012”.

2d and 3d animations influence the films as well as cartoons. In cartoons most important is character modelling. There is large number of 2d 3d character modelling services providers around the world. Choosing the better one is really a hard job. After watching we went out from the theater and went back to our flat. While traveling to our place, I saw a lot of flats and shopping malls constructing in the city.

My friend told that now a day’s more shopping complexes and flat are arise in all places. They create new plans for new building. Before making the real building the architects submit the model of the new building. For that architectural 3d modeling services / 3d interior modelling services providers are in large numbers. Choosing the best provider is really a very tough job. Then I thought that magic of 3d interior modelling and animations are really vast.

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