Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brochure plus Logo design: An effective representation of business

Yesterday evening I got a call from my best friend regarding some attractive custom brochure design and logo design for his new company, which will start on 15th March 2010. He knows I am working with a professional brochure design service provider, a logo design services provider and I am also a freelance graphic services provider. For the work he selects the particular colors and fonts used in logo design and specified that he needs tri-fold brochure design. I agreed to do the work.

First of all I start doing the company logo design according to the service provided by his company and use the colors and fonts according to his needs. After that I started to design the tri-fold brochure designing in a simple and eye-catching manner. After completing the work I sent the work to him and inform him by making a call. He told me to call me back after checking the work.

After 30minutes he called me back and appreciates the effective business logo design and eye-catching tri-fold brochure design service. He thanked me for the good work and concludes that the good quality logo and brochure provided by me can tell more about the business better than a few lines of writings.

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