Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Image editing work related to a memorable trip

Yesterday (Feb 9th 2010) was my best friend’s birthday. We celebrate his birthday in a wonderful way. First of all we went to “Kemp fort Shiva temple”, then to Ayyappa temple in Madivala. After that we had a party at morning in forum, Bangalore. The celebration starts with cutting the birthday cake. After that breakfast, then we plan to a trip to Lal Bagh botanical garden.

We three friends with our parents get together for this exciting trip. We reach there at 8:30am and went to Lal Bagh botanical garden. The Lal bagh glasshouse looks very beautiful at the day time. Different types of roses, tulips, wax-flower, nebrane and rice-flower etc. That’s really wonderful scenery to us. We took different shots of these beautiful moments. After that we view the lake in Lal Bagh. Lake consist a lot of pink and white lotus and water lilies. He took some beautiful shots of the lake. After that we reach Kempegowda tower. We took snaps of each family.

After that we reach to the front gate of Lal Bagh at 1pm. Then we back to our flat. On the way to our flat my friend (Birthday boy) transfers all the photographs to his laptop and start editing each photo. First of all to some shots, he applies the color correction of photographs / image coloring. Rest of the photographs undergone to photo repair services / image restoration services. Before reaching the flat he edited and sorts out all the photographs in a beautiful way. We all appreciate his image editing works.

That’s really a wonderful and memorable trip, which I spent with my best friend and my family.

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