Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Image Editing: A beautiful experience

Today is a beautiful day. Early morning I check my Gmail. While checking the mails I noticed one of the mail which was sent by my best friend. The subject of the mail was really eye-catching that’s why the mail got a special attention.

I opened the mail, I was really surprised that consist a lot of beautiful snaps of him. There are nine different awesome shots which were taken by using his mobile. He mailed those snaps for editing.

First of all I saved all those snaps in desktop. In those snaps my attention to the ninth snap. So I first took that for editing. That snap is really very attractive and eye-catching but the color looks faded. So I firstly done the image coloring of that snap. Then he looks more attractive and handsome.

After completing that I took one by one of those snaps. Some undergone to photoshop restoration and retouching, some to photoshop masking, some to photo colourization and some needs image background removal.

After completing all correction of those snaps, I sent back to him. I took the copy of the best shot (ninth one) to my mobile and add that image in contact details. Now I can view that snap of my best friend while calling him or called by him.

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