Thursday, May 27, 2010

Digital Image Editing Services

Today I would like to tell some services about photoshop image editing. In digital image editing, the main services are image background removal / clipping path, masking in photoshop / photo masking, digital photo restoration services / photoshop restoration and retouching, wedding album designing, image coloring, digital image manipulation etc.

Around the world there are large numbers of photoshop image editing service providers and these firms offers quality digital image editing work. Through this post I would like to introduce a very famous image editing and graphics designing company SBL Graphics in Cochin, Kerala, India.

SBL Graphics offers all the above image editing services and also provides graphics services like custom brochure designing services, flyer designing, logo designing, poster designing etc and also provides 2d 3d animation and panoramic virtual tour services.


  1. Nice one! where are you guys located?
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  2. thanks firemon,
    We are from cochin,India

  3. These are very informative article. Thanks lot for sharing useful information.

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