Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birthday party and Image editing

The last Wednesday one of my colleague’s birthday was celebrated in a wonderful manner. There was only two sections, first of all the photo section and the second is the party section. We all enjoyed those sections very well.

The main attractive section is the photo section and the main attraction was the birthday girl. We took different shots. After that we present her a wonderful gift and after that a small lunch party.

After the party we enter our office and doing work as usual and we went back to our home after 5:30pm. But that day I am not going to my hostel but to home. From my office 4 hour’s journey to my home by bus. I took my laptop too with the journey, so I transfer the birthday party photo section to my laptop and start editing for some of the shots. Those shots doesn’t need much editing but some of the shots need image editing services like image coloring, image manipulation, image clipping, image masking and image retouching services.

After editing all photos I send those photos to my entire colleague’s in our department and mainly the birthday girl.

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