Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Virtual Tour Creation

Virtual Tour refers to the simulation of a location using a sequence of images and video clips, spun together to create a continuous and unbroken view of the real estate, a university, or a property. Additionally, multimedia elements like text descriptions, music, narration, and other sound effects are incorporated according to the requirement.

Virtual Tour Creation is synonymous to panoramic photo stitching, where images captured with still camera are stitched together using a gamut of industry-best software. A great deal of attention and care is imparted while working with a number of shots captured from a single nodal point. The edges are meticulously stitched together to create an unbroken view of an environment.

Technical advancements in virtual tour services let the photo editor to enhance panoramic images by clipping disagreeable details in the panorama, blurring or honing faces, car number plates & signboards, increasing resolution, etc. There are lot of companies providing virtual tour service, around the world. SBL Graphics is such a company offers quality panoramic photo stitching / virtual tour services at affordable rates.

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