Thursday, November 25, 2010

Virtual Tour

With the growing usage of internet, various companies worldwide are employing this technology to market their products and services online. This has significantly increased its accessibility and usability over the last few years. A few websites give the users the privilege to navigate the entire virtual tour by clicking on the maps or integrated RADAR.

Software liker Panweaver Pro and Tourweaver Pro are deployed to create virtual tour creation / panoramic photo stitching / virtual tour services with flash and video features. Various virtual tour components like video, flash, floorplans, hotspots, RADAR, popup windows, etc. are integrated into the still images and panorama. These software can easily stitch several shots into horizontal, vertical, 180 degree, or 360 degree panorama.

Hence, with the world shifting its viability on the finger tips, any person requiring a brief, yet worthy and realistic tour to locations like Hotels, Corporate Buildings, Properties, Parks, Historic Buildings, Museums, etc. can resort on the virtual tour creation - a technology believed to revolutionize the marketing sector in the near future.

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