Monday, November 08, 2010

Digital Photo Restoration / Retouching Services

The professional photo restoration services work on any complex tasks like image cut-outs of products for brochures / websites, adding text captions or call outs to photos, changing black and white image to a color image, take outing a small object from a very vast background, and more. Some digital photo retouching services also concentrate in photo / image retouching, image coloring and balancing etc. These companies provide quality and successful services in a short-turnaround time with in the particular budget and provision.

The artistic experts providing professional photo retouching services / image touch up services work on old, deteriorated, moth-eaten photograph, using the advanced image / photoshop editing software like Adobe Photoshop CS4. They carefully work on torn edges, damaged cover, creases, cleaves & tears, cracks, etc. The various software tools allow them to work on whitening the teeth, coloring hair, slimming, remove color cast, remove frown lines or wrinkles, and repair faded images / photos, with the most correctness, precision, and quality. These are also used to fix any red eye effects, correct any glass reflections, make small objects show bigger and vice-versa, etc.

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