Thursday, October 21, 2010

Digital Illustrations

The demand for creativity to attract more customers and augment the sales of the products and services are on the hike. Companies have shifted to impart uniqueness in their marketing scenario by employing graphic designing companies to give their marketing requirements an artistic touch, look and feel.

Technology has so advanced that hand is no longer required to do the creative magic. Computers and software have replaced the sketches, pencils, pastels, and paints. The advent of emerging and ever-developing technology and software have replaced hand-drawn illustrations with digital illustrations / vector illustration / vector graphics / vector clip art.

Pop art designs / pop art pictures
have played a big role in the formation of a new service rendering sector, which is the Pop art design services. In recent years many service firms have come up to provide classy pop-art creations. With a bunch of artists and modern designing software in their hands, Pop Art Design / pop art posters providers have encrypted the pop-art creation into a digital process. They perfect each creation with their IT integrated tools and equipments, allowing alluring display of pop-arts.

The major styles in pop art designs are warhol pop art style,Lichtenstein pop art style,retro pop art style,avatar pop art style,flame pop art style,horror pop art style,line pop art style,obama pop art style,wanted pop art style etc.

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