Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Animation is synonymous to visual effects. Animation may be imparted to individual objects in an environment; for instance, a ball may be animated to voluntarily swirl on a playground. Animation is commonly applied to animated films or cartoons, feature films, short films, television series, stop-motion films, comic strips, etc.

Computer animated techniques like 2D animation and 3D animation are now revolutionizing the animation world with its unique approach and styles. Computer aided tools are used to digitize the animation works, thus bring about life to the idea or design.

Some of the dedicated animation service providers offer state-of-the art and creative 3D animation services like 3D Character Design, 3D Motion Graphics, 3D modelling services / 3D modeling services / 3d interior walkthrough / 3d interior modelling, 3D Walkthroughs services/ 3d walkthrough animation, 3D Games, 3D Commercial Production, architectural 3d modeling services / 3d architectural rendering services / 3d architectural visualization, 3D Technical Recreation, etc.

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