Monday, June 20, 2011

virtual tour services

Touring the World On-Line, Anywhere & Anytime!

Visit to a university or real estate situated far off the island, calls for time and money. When the whole space is recreated using a series of images of the location, people can view the area as if they are actually touring the location. This is where the technique of virtual tour creation or panorama comes into play.
Virtual Tour refers to the simulation of a location using a sequence of images and video clips, spun together to create a continuous and unbroken view of the real estate, a university, or a property. Additionally, multimedia elements like text descriptions, music, narration, and other sound effects are incorporated according to the requirement.
Virtual Tour Creation is synonymous to Panorama Creation, where images captured with still camera are stitched together using a gamut of industry-best software. A great deal of attention and care is imparted while working with a number of shots captured from a single nodal point. The edges are meticulously stitched together to create an unbroken view of an environment.
With the growing usage of internet, various companies worldwide are employing this technology to market their products and services online. This has significantly increased its accessibility and usability over the last few years. A few websites give the users the privilege to navigate the entire virtual tour by clicking on the maps or integrated RADAR.
Software liker Panweaver Pro and Tourweaver Pro are deployed to create virtual tours with flash and video features. Various virtual tour components like video, flash, floorplans, hotspots, RADAR, popup windows, etc. are integrated into the still images and panorama. These software can easily stitch several shots into horizontal, vertical, 180 degree, or 360 degree panorama.
Technical advancements in virtual tour creation let the image editor to enhance panoramic images by clipping disagreeable details in the panorama, blurring or honing faces, car number plates & signboards, increasing resolution, etc.
Highly interactive, rich, and full-screen web-based flash virtual tours are finding an increased usage among the people, especially for those in the business domain. The web-tour has made a profound impact in diverse markets like ecommerce, hospitality, travel & tourism, real estate, and sports. In the real estate industry, virtual tour creation can range from a simple interactive floor plan to a highly advanced full-service virtual tour. Online property search by buyers has transformed the virtual tour creation into a powerful marketing tool.
The digital SLR camera is commonly used to capture various images of the site to be sold. These images are then subjected to stitching process to create a realistic view of the landscape. These series of images or panning video are stitched rectilinearly, spherically, or cubically, according to the requirement or need.
Hence, with the world shifting its viability on the finger tips, any person requiring a brief, yet worthy and realistic tour to locations like Hotels, Corporate Buildings, Properties, Parks, Historic Buildings, Museums, etc. can resort on the virtual tour creation - a technology believed to revolutionize the marketing sector in the near future.

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